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There are numerous opportunities throughout area communities for registered teams

· Shelters
· School Programs
· R.E.A.D.
· Hospice
· Hospitals
· Nursing Homes
· Senior Centers
· Children’s Programs
· Rehab Facilities
· Community Events
· Psychiatric Facilities
· Assisted Living Centers
Animal assisted therapy
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Tails of Joy members are committed to bringing joy to others with their pets. While visiting is done as a team, the pet is the star of the show.

Our member teams visit with people in hospitals, nursing homes and other facilities. Handlers with additional volunteer training participate in hospice programs providing end-of-life comfort, while others visit in schools and children's facilities, participating in reading and educational programs.

Some members provide animal assisted therapy with their pets in a treatment setting, such as occupational or physical therapy.

Animal Assisted TherapyThink of the wonderful feeling you experience when your pet purrs beneath your touch or wags his tail just because he is happy to see you. Sharing your pet and the things that he does that put a smile on your face not only brings happiness and comfort to the person being visited, but also enriches your life.

All visiting teams are registered with a nationally recognized animal therapy organization. Registration ensures that the team has been evaluated for skill and appropriateness for interacting with those wishing visits and that the handler has training in related topics such as privacy, protection against disease transmission and stress recognition in their partner. It also ensures that the team is covered by liability insurance.

Safe Kids Day

Tails of Joy members provide support to each other and to individuals who are interested in getting involved with their pet through meetings and a monthly newsletter, opportunities to share ideas and visit requests, participate in a mentoring program for new therapy teams, educational programs, and training classes for handlers and dogs to help them prepare for registration with a nationally recognized animal therapy organization.

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Where Do We Visit?

The majority of TOJ members are located in Central and Northeastern Connecticut, but we are spread across the state. As volunteers, our members choose where to visit based on their interests.

Want to Get Involved?

Becoming actively involved does not require you have a purebred companion animal or an animal of a specific size. We ask only that you spend a couple of hours each month providing AAA / AAT.

TOJ welcomes members who are registered with a nationally recognized animal therapy organization and those who are in training to become registered teams.

Therpay Dog ClassTherapy Dog Training Classes
are forming now - learn more about getting involved with Animal Assisted Activities & Animal Assisted Therapy with your dog. Classes offered in Farmington, Manchester and Willington.

Evaluations and re-evaluations for the Pet Partner® and Intermountain Therapy Animal team registration are offered several times a year.

Intermountain Therapy Animals Pet Partners

Registration with a nationally recognized animal therapy organization is a requirement for those people who would like to become full members in Tails Of Joy.

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