Tails of Joy Animal Asssisted Therapy, Connecticut

Providing Therapeutic Benefit to People
Through the Use of Animals

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Tails of Joy members volunteer throughout Hartford, Tolland and Windham counties and neighboring towns in Connecticut.

A tribute to members who have brought happiness to others

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Jessica's Story

Jean Blanchfield

In Loving Memory of Our Partners

Rocky Akita March 2017
Rhody   2016
Lily   2016
Ginger Golden Retriever 2016
Lilly Sheltie 2015
Buttercup Peruvian Guinea Pig 2015
Bunker Weimaraner  2015
Chin Chin   2015
Kiza Cocker Spaniel 2015
Noah   2014
Jenna   2014
Legend Golden Retriever  
Merlin   2014
Amy   2014
Chambord Golden Retriever 2014
Spice Golden Retriever 2014
Gabe Yellow Lab 2014
Carson   December 2012
Ranger Lab October 2012
Charlie Boston Terrier September 2012
Morgan Golden Retriever August 2012
Trapper   July 2012
Carlton Cat April 2012
Mtani Cocker Spaniel  
Bear Rottweiler February 15, 2010
Mercedes Golden Retriever March 29, 2009
Laddie Collie April 7, 2008
Suzki Sheltie March 2008
Cassie   November 20, 2007
Elijah Richards He brought joy to the world June 21, 2007
Nashville Black Lab 2007
Ben Chocolate Lab 2006
Jessica Sheltie June 2006
Murfee Golden Retriever 2005
Joshua English Shepherd 2005
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Tails of Joy is an ITA Affiliate Organization

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